IP tanz / Ilona Pászthy

IPtanz, centred around Ilona Pászthy, have been developing their own genre-transcending and socially conscious productions annually since 2000, revolving around the zeitgeist and the resulting social structures The foundations of their artistic work lie within a choreographed interplay of different art genres and dance on the stage. The involvement of public spaces respectively the dissolution of convential theatre boundaries are essential ingredients of their stagings. Those stagings can be adapted to different surroundings so they can be presented at festivals or venues with site-specific aspects.

Ilona Pászthy received her dance education in Hanover and at the Dansacademie Rotterdam. She subsequently worked at different theatres and companies, among them Tanztheater Irina Pauls in Leipzig, Kammerspiele Mainz at the Desperate Figures Dance Theatre, Tanzensemble Maja Lex / artistic direction Koni Hanft in Cologne. She is one of the cofounders of the choreoraphical network Choreografen Netzwerk Köln e. V. “Barnes Crossing“ as well as the recipient of a grant for choreography of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, working in Budapest and Paris. Additionally, she has been teaching at a number of drama schools and academies.

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