tanzfuchs PRODUKTION / Barbara Fuchs

"tanzfuchs PRODUKTION is looking for new strategies to develop theatre for an intergenerational and intercultural audience. We want to find a direct path from artists to visitors in order to enter into a lively dialogue" (Barbara Fuchs)

The artistic director and choreographer Barbara Fuchs founded the label tanzfuchs PRODUKTION in Cologne in 2003. For 20 years tanzfuchs PRODUKTION has been working continuously and successfully in the NRW dance scene and beyond. Choreographer Barbara Fuchs has been creating pieces for young audiences since 2009 and is one of the pioneers in this field in Germany. In close collaboration with the composer Jörg Ritzenhoff, she creates installation works and stage performances that focus on the interweaving of movement, composition and spatial conception. Tours have taken the company to Finland, Norway, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Japan. Barbara Fuchs has also directed guest productions at the tjg Dresden, Staatstheater Karlsruhe and Comedia Theater Cologne. tanzfuchs PRODUKTION is one of the six top-funded companies for children’s and youth theatre in NRW.

The works of tanzfuchs PRODUKTION stand for innovative, interdisciplinary dance theatre art for an intergenerational audience. In their productions, choreographer Barbara Fuchs and composer Jörg Ritzenhoff open up and explore new artistic spaces at the interface between acoustics and dance. The artistic research processes are inspired by questions about the body as a “memory” of both social experience and individual “location” in social reference systems. In this way, tanzfuchs PRODUKTION pursues a working approach that presents a spectrum of social narratives and the idea of diversity as a positive and enriching perspective through the artistic reflection of different body images and movement concepts.

Since 2019, tanzfuchs PRODUKTION has been one of the dance ensembles to receive top-level funding in the field of children’s and youth theatre from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Thanks to this funding and several years of support from the City of Cologne and the RheinEnergieStiftung, it was possible to launch the QUERFELDEIN programme series. Dance pieces for a young audience are continuously offered in the centrally located ehrenfeldstudios in Cologne. The name Querfeldein stands for the concept of the programme: taking a variety of paths through very different artistic offerings and daring to use unusual forms of presentation.

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