Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo

Polymer DMT is Fang Yun Lo’s label for co-operative dance and performance work. We combine and integrate different art forms and work with partners from vastly different origins. We trace our roots back to contemporary dance, but from there, our artistic interests stretch out to include essential body and movement experiments, video and sound works right to multimedia installation. We focus especially on working with different cultures and traditions (Far East and Europe) as well as different ages, which encompasses work with and for children.
One fundamental pillar of our work is composed of larger historical, political and social questions. We are convinced that art contributes substantially to long-term personal and social development. This is where we try to get involved, with artistic reflections on topics such as identity, home, reality, technology or tradition, but also through the organisation of our work itself, in the form of local and international co-operations, collaborations, talks and exchange forums.
We try to bridge the gap between East Asia and Europe with our work, which is the reason we work professionally with an office in Essen, Germany, and another one in Taichung, Taiwan.

Fang Yun Lo, born in Taichung/Taiwan, lives in Essen. She studied dance in Taipeh/Taiwan and in Essen as well as choreography at the Folkwang University of the Arts (graduated in 2010). She has been working as a freelance choreographer and performance artist since 2008 and founded her label Polymer DMT as a co-operative production platform with several partners in 2011. Apart from this, Fan Yung Lo has also been working as a performer in interdisciplinary projects such as the ones with Ben J. Riepe (2011, also assistance), Allora/Calzadilla (Museum Folkwang / Ruhrtriennale 2012), Robert Wilson (Ruhrtriennale 2013), Tino Sehgal (Lehmbruck Museum 2014), Stefan Kaegi/Rimini Protokoll (Staatstheater Hannover 2014/15) and Fieldworks (PACT 2015).


Photo: Polymer DMT

Touring Productions

  • iDAS NRW Videoporträt Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo
  • PolymerDMT_UNSOLVED_credits_Fang_Yun_Lo_PolymerDMT_UNSOLVED_credits_Fang_Yun_LoIMG_2506
  • BABYVIEW // Video
  • INTERFACE // Video