Hennermanns Horde / Célestine Hennermann

What began in 2009 as an experiment with the production I see something you don't see has long since established itself. This commissioned work for the tanzhaus nrw was the first German dance production for small children at the time. In 2011, the internationally successful production elephant walk followed. miniMAX (2013) was awarded the Karfunkel 2015, the children's and youth theatre prize of the city of Frankfurt. Since then, she has steadily expanded her segment and also works for older children: Rock wie Hose (2016), Aller Anfang (2017) and Aller Anfang - a Live Concert (2018) together with the guts company Dresden followed. In the first round of the TANZLAND funding programme from the Federal Cultural Foundation, Hennermanns Horde was selected together with the city of Eschborn for guest performance and mediation funding for the period 2017-2019. The cooperation ended with the production WONDERLAND for young people, in which pupils from the respective city are also on stage together with 4 professional dancers. All these pieces tour successfully nationally and internationally. The focus of Hennermanns Horde's work is on researching movement languages for young audiences, and mediation is always a big part of this. After the performances, the children are invited to come on stage, explore the space and get moving themselves - under the guidance of the dancers - and recreate what they have seen. In addition, Hennermanns Horde offers a mediation programme tailored to the plays, according to the motto: every child can dance - regardless of age, gender or ability. Together with the children and young people, new formats can be developed and dance can be tried out and thought about further. In 2020, the name was changed to Hennermanns Horde, accompanied by institutional funding from the City of Frankfurt. In the course of the assistance programme TANZPAKT RECONNECT as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, Hennermanns Horde is expanding the digital mediation approach for children and young people in dance. Further mediation formats take place at theatres, primary schools, kindergartens and secondary schools through different funding.

Célestine Hennermann
Mail: info@hennermannshorde.de
Internetseite: www.hennermannshorde.de


Foto: © Breunig & Klingler

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