Alfredo Zinola

"I’m interested in producing contemporary dance pieces for children. I get inspiration from the ways in which society relates to their world. In my work, I try to create a consistent and uncompromising experience between the audience and the performer." – Alfredo Zinola

"Alfredo Zinola is not only an outstanding performer and dancer, but also a choreographer with a unique trademark: his pieces address young audiences without making any aesthetic compromises. They open up new worlds through the interaction of body, movement, light and costumes, in elaborate stage spaces, fascinating not only for children.
Zinola and his partners in dance and choreography capture the imagination of their young audience by choreographically exploring the body in its social context. Choreographies such as PRIMO and NERO are convincing introductions to non-narrative, experimental theatre for the very young, who learn in this playful way, at a very early age, what contemporary dance theatre is about. Zinola’s choreographies help children to emotionally and physically grasp what they are seeing and allow adults to access these worlds without feeling the least bit under-challenged or bored." – Nina Hümpel

"With PARTY and PELLE, Zinola shifted his focus towards implicitly participatory work, in which the border between performers and audience is constantly being re-negotiated. Through common dancing of kids and grown-ups – framed as a party or an interactive movement game -, he explores that relationship, as but also topics like agency, care, respect, and proximity." – Mateusz Szymanówka

Alfredo Zinola, performer and choreographer, studied Modern Dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Anthropology – Intercultural Communication. His way of creation is based on collaborations with other artists. With Felipe Gonzàlez, he began developing a concept for younger audiences, starting with PRIMO (2013), an underwater contemporary dance performance, set in a pool on stage. With performer Maxwell McCarthy, he created NERO (2015), a performance about darkness, as well as PARTY (2016), a dance experience for kids. With Ameri Ximena, he created ATO (2014), a site-specific performance set in a private apartment belonging to a family, and Bomba mix (2015), about child-related clichés and marketing strategies.
While working on commissioned choreographies in Germany and France throughout 2017 and 2018, in 2019, he will create PELLE, a participatory performance that puts a focus on the body, on a visual as well as on a conceptual level.

Touring Productions

  • iDAS NRW Videoporträt // Alfredo Zinola
  • PELLE Alfredo Zinola © Company
  • Bomba Mix // Video
  • PRIMO Alfredo Zinola © Saris & den Engelsman
    Primo // VIDEO