Alexandra Waierstall

“A great white hope, will moving dance ahead and will continue to do so in the future. … Choreographer Alexandra Waierstall searches for a vocabulary of movement, formulating itself on the brink of consciuousness. It seems dreamlike or traumatized. The images she composes onto the stage carry narratives that are being invented in equal parts by the audience on the other side as well.“ (Melanie Suchy, ballettanz)
The productions of Noema Dance Works deal with identity issues, borders both personal as well as geographical by always picking up the moment in a fleeting world. Her atmospherically dense choreographies are replete with a distinctive dance vocabulary and a strong language of imagery which enthralls the audience.

Alexandra Waierstall, born in England in 1979, grew up on Cyprus and has been living in Düsseldorf since 1998. She received a Master’s degree in Choreography from ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten in The Netherlands in 2006. As a dancer, she worked with various choreographers. With her own productions, the multiple award-winning artist regularly guests on international stages. from 2010-2016 she was running together with visual artist Horst Waierstall The Art Space in Düsseldorf – a project room initiating movements of thought within the different art disciplines.

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Photo: © Joerg Letz

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