WORKSHOP: Independent Producers and Choreographers getting to the heart of successful partnership working

WORKSHOP: Independent Producers and Choreographers getting to the heart of successful partnership working

Leitung: Gwen Van Spijk

DO. 23.11.2017, 10 – 13 Uhr, ab 14 Uhr
(Einzelsessions à 60-75 Minuten – Terminvergabe in Absprache mit den Teilnehmer*innen)
FR. 24.11.2017, 10 – 14 Uhr (Einzelsessions à 60-75 Minuten, Terminvergabe in Absprache mit denTeilnehmer*innen), 15 – 17 Uhr Abschlussplenum mit allen Teilnehmer*innen

Ort: tanzhaus nrw, Studio 8, Erkrather Str. 30, 40233 Düsseldorf
Gebühr: 50 Euro (inkl. Mittagssnack am 23.11.2017)

Anmeldungen bitte bis zum 15.11.2017 an:
Ines Disselbrede;

Der Workshop findet in englischer Sprache statt und richtet sich an Künstler*innen und Produktionsleiter*innen im Team.

Gwen Van Spijk, a Producer and Consultant from the UK has delivered a series of workshops for iDAS over the past 2 years: one for Producers and one for Choreographers/Artistic Directors. Both workshops considered the professional challenges that people face as independents, looking at solutions for establishing healthy and productive working practices and building and maintaining productive relationships between Producers and Choreographers/Artistic Directors.
To conclude the workshop series the current workshop is designed for Choreographer/Artistic Director and Producers teams or partnerships to attend together. This final workshop will get to the heart of what makes for a successful collaboration between these two roles so that the partnership can achieve its full potential. The workshop will be in 3 parts.

Day 1
Part 1: a group session the morning of Day 1 led by Gwen for all the participating choreographers and producers to attend together, exploring and discussing themes about collaborative working and the shared and different needs of Producers and Choreographers and how to get the best possible fit between them. This session will last 3 hours.

Day 1 and 2
Part 2: “Surgeries” for Producer/Choreographer teams currently working together or planning to start working together. The surgery will be an opportunity to interrogate an issue/challenge that the team is facing and assist in finding a practical tailor made solution. Each surgery will be 60 – 75 mins. If workshop participants are not in an ongoing arrangement with a Producer or Choreography then they can sign up for a 1-to-1 session with Gwen. Surgeries will take place on either the afternoon of Day 1 or the morning of day 2.

Day 2
Part 3: a final plenary workshop on Day 2 bringing everyone together to pool thinking and ideas and make recommendations for how to best support independent producers and choreographers to thrive in their chosen discipline and continue to work happily and effectively in the dance sector.

The expectation would be that participants attend the morning session on Day 1, a surgery session on either the afternoon of day 1 or the morning of Day 2 and the final plenary workshop on the afternoon of Day 2.
The total commitment would be 1 day maximum split across 2 days.

Veranstalter: iDAS NRW